The Workers’ Music Festival takes place by the canal in the centre of Valkeakoski, in the industrial milieu of the Tervasaari mill area and the Myllysaari museum. The working industrial facility and the historic museum area together create a unique setting for the event that attracts every year about 40 000 music lovers of all ages. In addition to concerts and clubs, the four-day event includes outdoor dancing and exhibitions. The traditional night-time singalong event by the pond in the woods is a celebration of sentiment, light and music.


Kanavanranta 3A, 37600 Valkeakoski
(+358) 40 525 7177


Tickets can be exchanged for wristbands starting from 16.7. at the festival office or at a wristband exchange point at the gates.

NOTE! It is forbidden to resell tickets, hand them over as an ancillary product, as a competition prize or in connection with the sale of another product / service free of charge.

Only by purchasing your tickets at or at Tiketti’s website you will guarantee the authenticity of your tickets! Tickets sold outside the festival area or on online forums can turn out to be fakes at the gate.

We do not recommend presenting festival tickets online or on the go so that the ticket barcode appears in the image. It is possible to capture ticket information from the image, in which case you may no longer be able to participate in festivals. The barcode of each ticket is unique. We take no responsibility if someone steals your ticket codes.


The VIP pass includes access to a covered area at the end of the program tent with its own bar, stylish water toilets, wireless internet access, comfortable seating and a terrace with direct views on the main stage and the program tent stage. The VIP pass includes 1 food and a drink / day. Coffee, tea and sweet and savory food are also available free of charge.


The festival area of ​​Workers’ Music Festival is located in the courtyard of UPM’s Tervasaari paper mill and Myllysaari Museum. The nearest address is Kanavaranta 3, 37600 Valkeakoski.

You can move around with the wristband in and out indefinitely during the day.

Valkeakoski is located in Southern Pirkanmaa, about 30 kilometers from Tampere. The most convenient way to get there is by bus. Valkeakoski can be reached from Helsinki by express services and Valkeakoski Transport operates regular services from Tampere. Timetables can be searched from


Workers’ Music Event carries its responsibility for the environment. Here’s a short list to hint at some of the things a festival goer can do in front of the environment.

– Prefer public transport, carpooling, cycling and walking
– Pee your urine in bajamaja’s or urinals
– Carry the rubbish in the rubbish bin
– Recycle (sort the rubbish to the right rubbish bins)
– Return your beverage can to the deposit point


The SPR first aid point is located near the main entrance of the festival, next to the Myllysaari Museum.


The Workers’ Music Festival strives to ensure that as many people as possible are able to participate in the festival. This can be seen e.g. in that the festival offers a lot of completely free programs every year and children have free access to the festival area. In 2020, the event will welcome all 80-year-olds and older to the festival for free.

The festival also spreads outside the event area, and music is heard e.g. in nursing home Väinämöinen. There are free accessible parking spaces and toilets in the event area, and there is a wheelchair platform in front of Paperitori. The festival program is also published on the event’s website in rtf format, which is easily read by various reading programs. The person with special needs is allowed to have one personal assistant free of charge to the festival area. For more information on the accessibility of the various facilities of the festival, please contact the event office.


Earplugs are for sale in the festival area. Remember to protect your hearing.


In cloakroom, you can also charge your mobile phone at the gate of the festival area.


The lost property will be delivered to the Festival Office the following day afternoon. The lost property that was not picked up during the festival will be delivered to the Valkeakoski Police Department, Apiankatu 5, immediately after the festival.


Työväen Music Event offers diverse accommodation packages for the duration of the event.



In the yard of Tietola school, awesome cottage accommodation will return. Small 2-person cottages are brought there, forming an atmospheric cottage village. The cottages include a mini fridge, light, fire alarm, storage space and an electrical outlet. While living in the cottage village, the toilets and showers are located inside the school and outside you will find Bajamaja, especially for night use. The cottage accommodation includes breakfast at the parish house, located directly opposite the school.

Tietola School is located in the city center of Valkeakoski and it is about 700m from the festival area!

Kirkkotie 2, 37600 Valkeakoski.

EARLYBIRD offer (valid until March 16, 2020) for the entire festival (Thu-Sun) € 200 or € 90 / day

(sheets are not included in the price, extra charge 10 € / person).

Book a cottage from the Festival Office!

Kanavanranta 3A
37600 Valkeakoski
Puh. 040 525 71 77


Class accommodation at Tietola school

Tietola School is located in the center of Valkeakoski. The walk to the event area takes about five minutes. Kirkkotie 2, 37600 Valkeakoski

– 25,00 € / day / person

The price includes a mattress and breakfast in the parish house next door. Bring your own bedding or sleeping bag! School showers are also available. The accommodation has its own accommodation rooms for women and men or, if arranged for a group, its own classroom. Accommodation is supervised by accommodation guards.

Reservations from the Festival Office

Kanavanranta 3A
37600 Valkeakoski
Puh. 040 525 71 77

VAAO Dormitory (Valkeakoski Vocational College, Vanhankyläntie 2)

The TAMMELA building is located in the courtyard of the VAAO vocational college. Access to the premises is from the door at the left end of the building.

Each Tammela apartment includes:
– Two single beds
– Comprehensive kitchen equipment
– Dining table + 3 chairs
– Armchair and television.

The dormitory’s common living areas have a TV room and toilets and showers for men and women.

Prices (incl. sheets) single room 70 € / night or double room 80 € / night.

Reservations from the Festival Office

Kanavanranta 3A
37600 Valkeakoski
Puh. 040 525 71 77


The payment methods in the festival area are bank and credit cards and other contactless payment methods. Cash is NOT accepted at most points of sale in the festival area.

Cash is available at one Salakapakka and Paperitori outlet, in Jylhävaara, and at food outlets.


Cloakroom serves the main gate of the festival area. The price of the cloakroom is 2 €.

In cloakroom it is also possible to charge your mobile phone for 1 €.


There is a 1€ deposit for drinks at the event, which can be refunded either by returning an empty can to the deposit point or at the sales counter when you buy a new drink.


The festival offers a wide range of snacks from tasty dishes to sweet treats. In addition, there are numerous cafés and restaurants in the center of Valkeakoski. Alcoholic beverages are on sale at the festival restaurants. Bringing your own alcoholic beverages into the area is prohibited. You can bring your own non-alcoholic drink in an unopened max. in a 1/2 liter clear plastic bottle.


We welcome every festival visitor to the Workers’ Music Festival! We do not condone any form of discrimination or harassment based on, for example, gender, ethnicity, color, or sexual orientation.
If you see or experience behavior against yourself, your friends or other festival guests that feels distressing or inappropriate, or does not in any way support equality and non-discrimination, please report it immediately to your nearest festival employee.
We hope you will respect all the festival guests and treat them as you would like to be treated.


Taxi Valkeakoski number is +358 100 84777.
Taxi Häme number is +358 600 551111.

Taxis run from the festival stop. It is not possible to book a taxi to the festival stop in advance. Only a accessible taxi can be ordered by name in advance.


Smoking is allowed only in specially designated areas.

Smoking is prohibited in the tents and in the immediate vicinity of the performance stages!


Security is a priority and security checks are carried out at the entrance gates of the area. Please note this upon arrival.
Entry of refusal will be denied. If you notice an accident or other safety problem, please notify the security officers immediately!
You are not allowed to bring your own alcoholic beverages, animals or objects classified as dangerous to the event area. In addition, umbrellas and camping chairs, for example, should be left in the cloakroom. Disposable rain jackets are for sale in the area. Unauthorized recording of performances is prohibited. DSLR cameras are prohibited in the area without a shooting permit (festivals photo pass).


Share your photos with a hashtag #TMT2020. Please do not shoot with a DSLR camera without permission (festival photo pass).


The festival area has plenty of both bajamajas and urinals. There are also accessible toilets in the toilet area. So don’t pee in bushes or in the river.